We are Mr. and Mrs. Moe (Make Once Enough) just beginning our 4th decade of life…. married super young (19 and 20) but won the marriage lottery. We are your neighbors, family members, and friends. A professional couple who dresses the part, and running on that same life’s treadmill that most of us are on. Wake up, work, come home, have dinner, errands, chores, go to bed…. repeat, repeat, repeat until retirement. Sprinkle in weekends, and a vacation or two and that’s us – the typical American family. We know we’re lucky in so many ways, a loving family, health, jobs we don’t hate, and have the means to dare to dream this seemingly unconventional dream.

God Bless America
The number one reason we can consider a life of following our desires.

We aren’t looking at retiring early to a life of more meaning to us. What we do seek, is a life of meaning, travel, and adventure doing something we love. Maybe this is because we were married super-young and spent our 20s as homeowners and parents. Because now, we’re looking forward to sowing some wild oats! If wild oats means traveling slowly across the United States and the world, volunteering where we can, and having the time to enjoy our passions. We’ve made missteps on this financial journey along the way, and have financial issues we need to untangle (I’m looking at you house we bought at the very tippy top of the market), but we’re dedicated to making this happen. There are things we’re willing to sacrifice to our cause (Nespresso addictions) and things we are not (Varsity sports for our child, and to pay for state college – or at least the bulk of it).

We created a blog so we can keep our focus, remember our journey and how it evolves over time, and feed my (Mrs. Moe’s) general need to be creative through writing. Our blog shares our journey to make our life an intentional one. Our journey includes frugality, planning, family, spirituality, and documenting our successes and failures. Our goal is to “launch” our only child into college and help her set out into life’s journey fearless with a sense of wonder and adventure – to encourage her to follow her heart; then resign from our white-collar life to do some traveling and adventure supported by side hustles that energize us and keep us out of cubicles for as long as possible (forever we hope!). We’re the turtles in this race, we have 5 years (the years left of our child’s high school and first two years of college) to begin our journey to adventure!

You only live once, so make once enough!