19 Goals for 2019

One of my favorite activities is to reflect on the closure of a year. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate what I’ve accomplished and where I plan to go. For 2019, I’ll be continuing to move forward with many of my 2018 goals by deepening or expanding them. In 2018, we managed to finally pay off those pesky student loans, re-connected with my love of reading, started yoga (got injured and stopped for many months) and cycling, and enjoyed our fair share of travels. I also had all those fun medical exams required when you reach 40! This year, my hopes are that I’ll expand on where I’m going in my life, because I like the direction.



  1. Bicycle to Great Falls and back (40 miles)
  2. Practice yoga 50 times
  3. Run a half marathon in 2 hours and 45 minutes
  4. Four hikes longer than five miles


  1. International trip for Miss Moe’s 17th birthday
  2. California to visit family and do some college shopping!
  3. Hike the Grand Canyon
  4. Go on a weekend vacation with Mr. Moe (camping with the roof top tent)
  5. Three official college visits (between east and west coast)
  6. Yearly trip to Disney (only 2 more and Miss Moe goes to college)


  1. Read 100 books
  2. Post at least 50 blogs
  3. Quality time with those I love


  1. Second mortgage on rental property pay down to 1/4 left
  2. Maximize retirement savings


  1. Attend ten live events (e.g.,musical, play, concert, opera)
  2. Visit six museums


  1. Finish CEUs for all current work certifications
  2. Write 10 projects in my side hustle – see if that will take off

There’s my 19 goals for 2019 – Happy New Year! I’ll check in once a month on them to track how I’m doing. What are some of your goals?

~Mrs. Moe

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