Countdown working days – Glass half full

shallow focus of clear hourglass
Counting down the sands of time

I am grateful for my stable job, with a generous time off plan. While I don’t want to race to 50, the idea of an early retirement got me thinking…. how many actual working days do I have left?

From now until 50 there are 3,210 days, which sounds like a lot. However, there are several subtractions that need to be made:

  • 13 current vacation days on the books that will eventually be taken.
  • 202 vacations days left to accumulate (4 weeks for the next 2 years, and 5 weeks the remaining years).
  • 45 sick days – I’m assuming that I will take one week of sick time each year. This also covers any bereavement leave, doctor’s appointments for Miss Moe and myself, etc.
  • 221 alternative work schedule – I receive every other Monday off, effectively making a whole lot of three day weekends.
  • 918 weekend days.
  • 98 holidays.

The end result is that for the next 8.5 years I will be in my job for 55% of the time. I generally do not work overtime. Not a bad deal for an early retirement. So, when boiling down 3,210 days to actually to 1,723 days it doesn’t sound so bad afterall.

~Mrs. Moe

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