2018 Thanksgiving – 18 Things to Be Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday – because eating and gratefulness), I reflect on 18 things in 2018 to be thankful for.

affection appreciation decoration design
  1. My marriage – always.
  2. Our child –  she’s compassionate and kind, and if she wasn’t mine I would still immensely enjoy the time I have the privilege to spend with her. The realization that we’ve got this parent thing – even with the bumps and turns along the way.
  3. Health – the health of my family and myself is treasured beyond measure.
  4. Extended family – we have family in California of all ages, political beliefs and personalities. I love them all, and I like most of them.  California feels like home just as much as the DC area.
  5. Friends – my circle of friends is small, but loyal and people that I wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island with that don’t try to sell me stuff.
  6. Joint sense of adventure – Mr. Moe is never afraid to step out of the box, never thinks I have a terrible idea, and will genuinely try things that are just outside our comfort zone together. I hear friends that want to go out and do something new, discover, or whatever – but feel stifled by their home life. I’m thankful every day that this is not my experience. We’ve tried dancing (no – that’s for Miss Moe only), theater (yes!), traveling (yes-yes!), having chickens (yes, for awhile), and living across the country from our family (yes!) and briefly moving back to CA (no!). Not everything is a success, but you miss every shot you don’t take.
  7. Living in the United States – While my home (the USA) never been more divided and outright hostile toward people that have different beliefs and hate, discontent, and intolerance has experienced a rise in popularity,  we can never recognize that this is normal. This is not normal, and this is not who we are – and I will never give up on this great place I call home. We were built upon ideals much better than this. In this country we have rights to be heard, and this makes me happy.
  8. Reading – 2018 has been a huge year for reading (I’ll make over 100 books). I’ve discovered audiobooks that I can rent for free through three different libraries while I ride to work, workout, and bustle about my life. This is multitasking I can get behind.
  9. My ability to write, I love to write and I’m able to do so at my leisure. Between this blog, and a separate side project I am happy writing in my down time.
  10. Travel – the ability to see new places together and experience them makes our life rich and our experiences together incredible.
  11. My job – as much as I plot an escape into early retirement, I’m still very happy that I have a job, and that it is a good job that provides for my family (and eventually will provide for retirement).
  12. Living in the DC area – there are so many things to see and do. State of the art museums, theaters, hiking, biking, and more, you can never be bored.
  13. Technology – as much complication as technology brings to our lives, it also makes this world smaller and more connected. Living across the country from our family is so much easier when we’re a text, FaceTime, or quick chat away.
  14. Miss Moe’s outside interests and activities – she is in Spanish, Lacrosse, orchestra, and most of all dance. She works part time in the summer, and in the end – a busy teen is a teen that has less time to dwell on drama. While she can’t completely escape it, she seems to be doing her best to rise above it.
  15. Not winning the lottery – this sounds strange, but when the lotto went up over $1 billion we played and fantasized about what we would do with that kind of money. As I listened to Miss Moe spend every dollar in about seven minutes I was secretly grateful that we spent $10 and won $8. It gave me a minute to learn something about ourselves and how quickly money can become a real problem, and that lesson only cost us $2.
  16. My running partner – who slowed himself way down to successfully get me over the finish line for three half marathons now.
  17. The ocean – the air, the sand, the sounds – there’s no place like it. The peace it brings is overwhelming, and our ability to still bring Miss Daisy Mae Moe to the beach to frolic and play is a luxury we won’t have forever. I treasure every day with her.
  18. The United States Coast Guard – none of the above would have happened without taking this journey. The USCG afforded us an opportunity to create our lives together, earn our education, and the VA helped us finance our home.

Thankful today, and hopefully all days,
~Mrs. Moe

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