The Changing Plan

It has been over a year since our initial plan, and as the journey changes so does life. As new opportunities crop up, and our experiences change we remain flexible in our ever-changing tide of our lives. Mr. Moe is currently in a position where he can retire at 50 (with healthcare) and a small pension. We’ve collectively had some doubts and concerns about early retirement before, and with this new revelation, waiting 7.5 total years just makes sense. We see it as a sign, though it is way less glamorous and fun than our initial Independence Day (womp womp). We still plan to sell the house as soon as Miss Moe heads to college and get a small apartment in an area that “fits” us in either DC or northern Virginia. We’ll invest our home profits to put down on another house when we’re ready to step back in to the real estate market again (after we retire and settle down).

full length of man with arms raised
Putting off retirement by five years – feels like this…

This extends our timeframe for the workplace exit by about five years. Five years sounds like a lot of time when we sit and think about it, but in the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t. Though, today it feels like an eternity – when it’s over it surely won’t. I hardly want to wish away this time because every day I’m thankful to be here with my sweet family.

With the glass half-full,  this allows a little more “wiggle” room in our budget for experiences (our number one expense). Moving to an apartment, and retiring at 50 with a pension, savings, and healthcare people around us still think we’re crazy not to keep in the traditional workplace until well into our 60s. But, it feels right to us, and we’re the only ones living this life.

You only live once, so make once enough. 

~Mrs. Moe

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