Beach Days as We Plot Our Escape from The Grind

Beach days are the best days.

What better place to relax and scheme on how many days you can possibly cut off from cube life? There is nothing like the sound of the waves, the sun between our toes, and the view of Daisy Mae Moe frolicking about. As we work on bulking up our supplies for a life on the road in just a couple of years, we’re testing our theory on a few short jaunts. Since we’re still a one car family (and it’s a baby Prius) we won’t be sleeping in that. But, we did manage to buy our Pelican Ice Chest and a few other items on our pack adventure list. Our beach of choice is toward the south of the Outerbanks (OBX) known as Cape Hatteras. You’re south of the severe tourism (you won’t find boardwalks here), but still close enough to quaint coffee shops and amenities.

Why the OBX? A few reasons.

  1. It isn’t that far. Miss Moe is away in her own dance camp, so we’re able to enjoy one of our favoritest places in this world. We’re west coast bound in a couple years, and this is our east coast love.
  2. Since we don’t have much time (thanks to dance camp) we wanted to have a journey under the most similar conditions (just the two of us) to try this on for size. To make sure this plan feels rights.
  3. This is Daisy Mae Moe’s favorite place on Earth. Consequently, we plan to take her as many times as possible as she is well into her golden years.
  4. We’re looking to test our gear. What works, what doesn’t, and what else do we need?

We’ve decided to stay at the KOA Resort in Cape Hatteras. It’s a clean place, great amenities, allows Daisy Mae, is right on the beach, and about ten minutes away from almost complete beach seclusion (Pea Island). While we look forward to buying a vehicle that we can use to traverse the globe, we aren’t rushing it.

Happy Summering,
~Mrs. Moe


One thought on “Beach Days as We Plot Our Escape from The Grind

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