Our Teen is Employed: Now What?

blue-water-empty-outdoors-97047 (1)Miss Moe is happily employed with a great summer job. This event comes at a great time, because when school is out, she isn’t making any money for grades. Yes, we pay for grades. What are we expecting that she will she learn from her first work experience?

  1. Money earned is money harder to waste. I predict she’ll become a more miserly shopper. I’m looking at you – record player and $30ish albums…
  2. When the job loses it’s luster, she’ll still need to actually show up to it. Right now it’s fun, but I’m betting by the end of summer it will feel more like work. It’s great that she loves the job now, but it will also be a good lesson that she needs to do things that are hard later.
  3. Congrats, she’s now the happy new parent of her very own IRA. Much to her chagrin (she’ll thank us later, I hope). We have agreed that 20% of her income will be deposited into her IRA. This is enough to watch it grow, but not enough to make her completely resent us.
  4. She’s a lifeguard, and at this pool there will be responsibilities that aren’t as glamorous as Baywatch (I don’t remember seeing Pamela Anderson scrub a toilet).
  5. She will become better at money management. She now has a bank card (with no over-draft protection) so she better be sure she has enough to cover her purchases.
  6. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. We all know what kind of shenanigans a teen can get into over summer (or anytime really). Not to say there will be no shenanigans, but less time for them. A busy teen is a happier teen.

These are the life lessons I am hoping she’ll begin to learn at this current time in her life. Looking forward to this next phase in her life. There will be stumbles and there will be mistakes; but, that is the space in which we experience the most growth.

Happily investing in a lot of sunscreen,

~Mrs. Moe

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