Our Independence Day!

While reflecting on the Independence Day for the nation, Mr. Moe and I started to think in earnest about the actual day we will declare our own Independence Day. After much deliberation and spreadsheet after spreadsheet of calculations in earnest, we’ve settled on a date for our career break.

May 20, 2021!!

Mr. Moe will break at 44 (I mean 44 and 364 days, but still – 46) and I at a 43. We have this sweet spot between our birthdays were we are one year apart. Seems like it may be a bit of a cheat, but I’m taking it. Establishing a date works well for us because:

  • Miss Moe as been great at keeping us grounded into an area for a long time. Keeping her in the same schools and developing roots was a priority for us. We both experienced moves at really hard times in adolescence and we didn’t want to put our child into the same position. However, our Coast Guard days and living across the country from our family has kept that seed of childhood adventure well-tended so we’re beginning to get restless! Miss Moe will be just beginning her own college adventure at this time as well.
  • We (especially me) are planners and thinkers. Giving us a date helps to start the “T minus” mentality with a finite and definite goal date to plan to is energizing. Things like selling the house, figuring out where we’ll live, what we’ll do, and how to transition into our new life and adventure with a specific date in mind helps sharpen our focus.


It feels good to document it and say it aloud. Of course, we’re still cloaked in the internet anonymity until we get closer to our magical date.

Happy Planning,

~Mrs. Moe

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