Life Hack Money Saver | A Love Story for Libby

As a self-proclaimed bibliophile,  I am a familiar face at libraries, garage sales, and thrift pexels-photo-207740.jpegstores in search of the next great read. Friends are always passing along their books cast-offs and I devour them quickly. I love the smell of books and the tactile feeling of turning the pages. Until 2018, I never really tried audiobooks, but decided it was time. Cue Libby – the completely free app that interacts with your library to loan audiobooks. Since  we are a one car family, I take public transportation to work. Which means I don’t need to worry about paying attention to the road; this is a gift for me (and frankly everyone else on the road). What I like about audiobooks:

  • They teach me to be a better listener (I’m someone that needs to be reminded that I have two ears and one mouth for a reason).
  • Music is nice, but can get repetitive. Audiobooks are always fresh.
  • I can listen to the book while walking, commuting, or sitting next to Mr. Moe while he’s watching TV. I can’t read a book with the sound of the TV in the background.
  • The content fits on your device (as long as there is space) so when traveling so you can listen to books offline without carrying a lot of bulk.
  • I speak quickly (I think most Californians do) and there is a fast forward on the app to make the narrator talk more to your pace. The 1.25X speed sounds like normal speech cadence to me.
  • I am never late to return them, there are never fines. All titles that have expired will disappear from my device.
  • I can keep track of my reading history (under activity).
  • Neighboring counties have reciprocity agreements. By getting multiple library cards I increase my chances of finding great reads (or listens). My public library reciprocates with nine surrounding counties.
  • As an introvert, I need my commute time to recharge. Earbuds are a gentle signal to those around me that I am otherwise engaged. Buses can get loud in the afternoon which can make reading more difficult.
  • My hold shelf is always full, but I have a tagged books that I’d like to read as my holds are read and space becomes available.
  • I can have up to ten holds and there are plenty of other titles that are available any time as I wait for holds (I’m currently reading Tolstoy’s, *Anna Karenina as I wait for some of my holds). My current hold list is below, those marked with an * are based off a 100 Book “scratch off” poster given as a Christmas gift from Miss Moe (not an affiliate link, just based on how much I enjoy the challenge of it!):
    • *The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
    • *The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R Tolkein
    • *Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie
    • *The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman
    • The Four Tendencies, Gretchen Rubin
    • *A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking
    • The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss
    • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson
    • The Like Switch, Jack Schafer, Ph.D
    • Why Buddhism Is True, Robert Wright

Libby has eBooks available as well to read on devices (i.e. Kindles), but I don’t like reading on a device with the back glow of the screens. I love this app and the ability to fit even more books into my routine.

Happy Reading (and Listening),

~Mrs. Moe

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