Realizing You’re Enough

April 26, 2018 is take your kid to work day. In honor of this, I wanted to share anGrowup important parenting lesson I learned a few years ago from Miss Moe. You know the age old question our children are asked all the time:

What do you want to BE when you grow up?

When Miss Moe was 11, we had to “guess our child” on back to school night based on their likes/dislikes and career aspirations. I looked around and saw many different options:

  • Athlete
  • Actress/actor
  • Singer
  • President
  • Astronaut
  • Teacher

And one lonely, singular….. government worker. I knew immediately which child was mine. She was long fascinated with the limitless paper, pens, office stuffs, ability to have her very own computer, desk, and *gasp* even a window. Mr. Moe, a good friend, and myself all took turns over the years bringing her to work for “take your kid to work day” to explore the different options in the DC area.

So, what was my reaction? I was disappointed that she “only” wanted to be a government worker and that it was a celebration of mediocrity. Then, I read a paper she wrote on her career choice, and why. She said, ‘my parents are responsible, good, and kind. And, I want to be just like them’. At this point I realized, I had arrived. I was creating a good, stable, and loving home for my daughter and while I hoped for better for her – she hoped to be like me. I saved this poster as a constant reminder that I am enough. What I provide to my child is enough. She sees me through different eyes than I see myself.

Fast forward four years…. Now, at 15, when I ask what her interests may be and what kind of career she’s looking for, her answer: “I don’t know, but definitely not a government worker.”

While I miss those sweet youthful days of her wanting to be like me, I look forward to seeing who she will become. Hang on to those sweet moments when your little wants to be just like you, because the message is – you’re enough!

~Mrs. Moe

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