Life Hack Money Saver | Our $2,400 Weekend

pexels-photo-296848.jpegMost of Mr. Moe’s fond memories from childhood are somehow intertwined with a bicycle ride playing a supporting role. And, he’s been ogling the idea of a real bike for more than a few years. His ogling included researching them to death and planning with his brother-in-law a few weekend rides when we come out to California to resettle. So, for 2018 we decided to would make the investment (because our extremely heavy beach cruiser bicycles without gears were no longer cutting it). He researched the 2017 close out sales, bookmarked the bikes he thought would work, checked out reviews, and notated and tracked all of the prices. Then we discussed the budget. So, when we pulled in to the bike shop last weekend we were ready to make a purchase. In our effort to focus on physical fitness in 2018, we have three main goals bike-related that if we don’t start on soon will never get accomplished:

  • Weekend bike trip
  • Bike ride to Occoquan
  • Bike ride to Great Falls

Miss Moe Gets a Bike?

Our unexpected spending in this event was Miss Moe. We originally decided that she didn’t need a bicycle (we’d keep a beach cruiser for her); but, she decided to come with us to the bicycle shop. In doing so, she came home with a bicycle too. Spontaneous purchase? Yes. Worth it? An absolute YES. My bike actually came in much cheaper (I didn’t enjoy the full suspension that Mr. Moe did and really felt the less expensive bike fit “me” better). So, even with Miss Moe’s bicycle we still came in at budget.

Why buy Miss Moe a bike? She, like me, despises running and this fitness activity seems to work much better for both of us. Her health is just as important as ours. Also, Mr. Moe and I are avid hikers. Miss Moe is not. More times than she’d like, we’ll wake our teenager on an early Saturday or Sunday to go on a hike with us. There is nothing in the world that she hates more than hiking, and there’s nothing in the world Mr. Moe and I like more than hiking and spending time with Miss Moe while doing so. However, we’ve discovered she LOVES biking. So, we’ll swap our hiking days to biking days (and hike when she’s busy – which is often). This will give us a better experience and bonding time with Miss Moe (less grumbling).

Bringing the Bikes Home

I didn’t learn to ride until I was nine and haven’t done much riding in my adult life. So, I am still a bit unsteady on the bike as I am learning the gears, how to deal with something that isn’t a banana seat with tassels, and the literal uphill battle of hills. I enjoy riding and feel strong after a nice ride (with plenty of breaks to enjoy the scenery since I’m still a little nervous to look up).  However, my 41 year old Mr. Moe immediately regressed into a 12 year old boy flitting in and out of trails while meeting me on the very well paved path, complete with wheelies and jumping about. To see his happiness as he played on the trails only makes me regret we didn’t do it sooner. He supports my yogi journey because my health is important, and his health (mental and physical) is just as important. He looks happy and strong on his bicycle which brings me joy. Money spent on experiences with our family is worth every penny.

Money Saver?

Wait? How is this a money saver if we just spent mucho money? Well, yes we could have bought used bikes and spent less. However, we indulged in this luxury to have a bike well-fitted to each of us with adjustments for life at the franchise bike shop we purchased it at. We have been investigating the bikes for quite some time, and aligned the purchase with a small bonus that I had coming. These high quality bikes fit us well and will last us probably 20 years with the occasional part replacement and tune up. That’s give or take $10 a month for a fantastic hobby that will keep us happy, healthy, and busy! So, that’s a money saver in my book!

Happy Riding,

~Mrs. Moe




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