A Day Alone | Dress Rehearsal

pexels-photo-636243.jpegIt wasn’t really a dress rehearsal, an unexpected day off can’t really be used to challenge all of your ideals of how you may spend your time when left to your own devices. When we exit stage left into our early retirement we won’t have a house in suburbia, teenager responsibilities, and largely we’ll be spending time together not a part. But, during this unexpected day off I wanted to see how I may choose to spend it. I’m a creature of schedules excel spreadsheets, calendars and routines. This new unscheduled lifestyle may challenge some of how I’m wired and I want to prepare for that new coming normal.

What I did with my day:

  • Mr. Moe made coffee and breakfast before heading out to work (with me practically grasping on to his ankles pleading for him to stay)….
  • Picked up the house (lazy fashion, but that’s all it needed)
  • Spent the bulk of my time writing
  • Read (well listened) to half a book (The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells)
  • One hour of yoga and walked a couple of miles
  • Meditated (tried a new Calm app, previously did Headspace)
  • Read the news – negative and sad, moved on after 20 minutes
  • Checked in to various social media outlets, got bored and moved on after 20 minutes
  • Showered and got ready (after lunch)
  • Teenager breezed in from school, we chatted for about 20 minutes, and she breezed out to hang with her friends…
  • Made a quick dinner and watched Wonder Woman by the fire with my favorite person.

What I did well:
Overall, it was a productive day that I enjoyed. I love to read and write, and the weather wasn’t cooperative to get outside much more than that brief walk around the neighborhood. I couldn’t do errands, as Mr. Moe had our singular vehicle, which was okay as I didn’t have any errands to run.

Where I could have improved:
I’ll use some of my days off throughout the years to evaluate how I can make better use of my time. I was so excited to have some time by myself to really concentrate on the mental stuff, that I let the physical activity kind of slip. I have an awesome partner in crime for physical activity, so I hope that will be improved as we both bow out together permanently. I could have made better food choices. While I started strong with a protein shake (my morning breakfast for years), when left alone with the foodstuffs I tend to make less healthful choices as I snacked my way through the day. I also can work on cleaning the house myself, we have a service for this that I plan to retire in 2019 as we continue to save for our next adventure.  Finally, this will sounds shallow – but to remain transparent… I wish I would have put a little make up on after my shower. A little bit of makeup just makes me feel put together. I don’t wear much, but when I do I just feel a little bit better.

~Mrs. Moe

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