Will We be Bored?

What will we do with all of this extra time? Based on everything I want to squeeze out of this magnificent life, I think we’ll wonder how we had time for jobs to begin with. After thinking through this, below are just a few of the ways we plan to spend our Early Retirement Lifestyle: pexels-photo-238622.jpeg

  • Increase the amount of time, effort, and focus on our physical health. Yoga, hiking, and biking our our current passions. Despite being a step aerobic queen in the 90s all of my attempts of running have turned into a gigantic pity party for one.
  • Increase the amount of time we spend on mental health and spirituality. Reading, creating, writing, meditating, and again yoga (I find yoga to be a great physical AND mental health exercise – my exception to multi-tasking).
  • Get smarter! Take some free classes, and read, read, read. I love to write and learn, Mr. Moe loves to create and make. We want to spend more time doing those things that spark our passions. Use our passions to find ways to give back to our world. Which leads to our next one:
  • Give back in a way that feels good to us. We do some of this with our daughter, but not near enough as I would like as when we retire. I haven’t figured out where or how yet, as we have been head down, in the midsts of raising a teenager, working full time, and enjoying our life together. However, as some of those responsibilities take less time I want to make more room for more charitable work.
  • Relocate close to our families, and hopefully have our daughter close by too. We want to be close to growing nieces, nephews, sisters and their husbands, parents, and aging grandparents. Time spent with our family is one of the highest priorities in our lives.
  • Explore new hobbies that have been intriguing, but we haven’t had the time to try as much as we like. Learning a new language, painting, drawing, taking a free art class, learning to play an instrument, writing a book (fiction or nonfiction), where do I even start?
  • Express ourselves more fully. Our current lifestyle has expectations of look, dress, and behavior so we feel our freedom of expression is stifled. We want to be more politically active, grow out our hair and rock it however we want to, ability to get a tattoo (I don’t particularly want one right now, but I’d like the option of knowing I can get one without judgement), Mr. Moe may even grow a beard, who knows!?
  • Travel, travel, travel. Slow and steady. Starting across the country in an SUV over a course of months to begin our grand adventure. Live for one month in a Spanish speaking country – maybe Costa Rica?
  • Live on so much less. Forget the sprawling house and yard, and only take what we need. Waste less, buy less, live more.
  • SLOW DOWN and enjoy the ride. I want to be incredibly terrible at doing too many things in a day.

There are thousands of other things/ways to spend our time, but I think this is a good start!

~ Mrs. Moe

2 thoughts on “Will We be Bored?

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