Time, the Gift Promised to No One

I’ve been offline for a bit, due to bumps, turns, and forks in the road that have taken some time to navigate. In the span of a few months, both Mr. Moe and I have experienced unexpected losses in the workplace. For me, a person on my staff passed away unexpectedly in his 30s; and for him, a former boss on the brink of his own retirement, died suddenly. We’ve officially been to more funerals than weddings. Both of these occurrences have given Mr. Moe and I time to reflect and to re-commit to our dreams and explore something beyond ourselves in this giant universe.


How will you be remembered? Both of these men were remembered in very different ways. One lived out loud, authentically and openly, was eager to laugh and play, and his stories were of the amazing times he had with a plethora of people from all over the world. His service had about 100 people with several fond stories shared by many. The other, compartmentalized the different aspects of his life. He had three separate groups from different areas of his life that were like oil and water (friends, family, work). His largest outpouring were his workmates, and they knew nothing of the other areas of his life. His service was much larger, but felt less personal to me. One was not better or worse than the other. But, I realized I wanted more of the former – to live authentically in all the areas of my life. Worry less about judgement of others, and be ruthless with how I spend my precious time and with whom. I want more than anything to use whatever time is given to me on the people and things that really matter.

These tragic events have also awakened a certain spirituality that I didn’t know was somewhere inside of me. For my particular situation, I was deeply involved with getting our staff member assistance, working with his family, and helping to close up certain workplace affairs. The stars aligned so perfectly on who I had to support this tragic event that I simply cannot believe that we are alone here and their is no room for any cosmic existence. I just don’t know what/who that is – yet. I will continue to be open to what the world has to say/offer me on the subject of spirituality. I have started to explore yoga, meditation, reading, slowing down and trying to listen to what this giant universe asks of me. For now, my focus will be on living the best life I can because you just never know what day will be your last. Take care of yourself, and take care of each other.

~ Mrs. Moe

9 thoughts on “Time, the Gift Promised to No One

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