What I Do When Weakness Sets In….

Ugh, sometimes watching the bottom line is exhausting, and lately I’ve been having a moment of weakness. Knowing I have enough money in the bank today for all the pretty things and tasty eats that I want right now is very tempting.  Even if it means that I’ll be living the cube life longer. Especially, since I don’t hate my job and neither does Mr. Moe. So lately, we’ve gone off the rails a little in spending on eats and pretty shiny things (not too expensive, and haven’t accrued debts). I’m usually the one that sounds the alarms and reigns us in a little, and I’ve been neglectful in this area. I’ve lost my focus for a minute. In this journey I stumble sometimes. My reasonable side knows that the ‘I wants’ will only breed more, and it becomes a never-ending cycle.

Home Office

I think it stems from the fact that I fear we’ll chicken out on our plan, and I’d hate to do so and end up with too much money and not enough fun in those years. I mean, if we keep dwelling in our cubes until age 58 we’ll be set up for life (pensions, health care, savings) and 58 is still considered early. However, 18 more years seems like forever to me, especially because with a little (okay a lot) of focus we could escape the rat race much sooner. Another fear is giving Miss Moe the best experiences that we can at this time. We know we have just four short years until she launches into her own life which is exciting and scary – I don’t want to squander that time. I want to make sure we’ve done what we can to set her up into this great big world with all the culture and experiences we can offer.

During these times is when I turn to blogs that I love to read like Mr. Money Mustache, Money Saving Mom, Retire by 40, FrugalWoods, and Budgets are Sexy to help keep my focus. These regular folks don’t know they are my gurus and who I like to read to help keep my eyes on the elusive prize of frugality and early retirement. Each blog is very special to me for different reasons. They have significantly different styles, but all speak to me for different reasons.

  • Money Saving Mom is the one I’ve read the longest, and I identified the most with her message when I was in a different season of my life (stay at home mom). Today, her message is still great for many. She discusses her faith and frugality a lot. I am agnostic, so my focus is primarily on her frugal ideas.
  • Mr. Money Mustache and Budgets are Sexy have very similar vibes to one another. They speak conversationally, and have a casual voice. I really like their style and no-nonsense messages. They keep me out of my pity party.
  • Retire by 40 is another one I have been tracking for years, and while RB40’s child is younger than ours, I enjoy his message and ability to be able to write from home to support his family.
  • Frugalwoods is the newest one I’ve been tracking. I adore this little family. I love Mrs. Frugalwood’s writing style and their darling life they carved out for themselves. It isn’t the life I’m looking for (country homestead), and their Babywoods is still very much a baby, but their message is authentic, positive and inspiring. I also appreciate how fortunate they know they are, it is a great reminder for me. I really have to get around to making their frugal soda machine (it’s an expense I haven’t been able to kick!).

Honestly, I don’t remember if I ever posted a message on any of their blogs, but I subscribe to all of them. I draw inspiration from all of them and apply what I can to my own life’s journey. So, when I feel a bit of weakness set in, and the “I wants” start to creep up – I need to breathe, take some time, and catch up on some of my favorite bloggers messages. Honestly, it’s time I take some time to do that again.  As a cube dweller I know what I’m moving away from; instead, I think I need to spend some time visualizing what is next.

~Mrs. Moe

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