Life Hack Money Saver | Why We are Paying for Grades….

What to do about the extrinsically motivated child? Miss Moe is driven by external rewards at this time…. Meaning, we need to find something to keep her moving along on this right path of life and focused. While I’d love for her to be intrinsically motivated, perhaps because that frontal lobe isn’t fully developed, it just isn’t happening…. yet. External motivations and distractions get her most times. So, instead of being in a constant punitive state (get good grades or no social media!), I’d like to instead focus on rewarding positive behavior – I can’t do the Tiger Mom thing. So, I’m doing something I promised myself I’d never do…. paying for grades. Like a job.  When she would come home not finishing her assignments in school I would say – ‘Miss Moe, you have ONE job!’ Yet, I wasn’t treating it as a job for her, she was earning nothing for her grades (and they always turned out good with the nagging – exhausting for both of us). I don’t want to waste negative energy on her grades when I know she’s capable of good study habits.

Below is our pay out graph, to understand this, we are willing to pay out every nine weeks and we pay a little more for an honors A (the class is a little harder). She’ll be able to earn $375 every nine weeks in her freshman year. That’s a lot of cool stuff she can buy! However, the D/F range she’ll lose social media for the nine weeks in any one subject. I know Miss Moe’s strengths and weaknesses academically, she’s never received a D/F, and the school has plenty of resources available to her if she’s struggling. I’m not terribly worried about anything showing up in that range (I hope I’m right). Here’s what her Freshman year bonus package is looking like with pay outs being every nine weeks (once a quarter).

A B C D/F Test Pass
Class $50 $25 $0 No Social Media N/A
Honors Class $75 $25 $0 No Social Media N/A
Optional Summer Courses
* Psychology  $100
* Sociology $100

So, what are those optional summer courses above marked with an (*)? Those are a couple of CLEP tests. CLEP is basically like challenging a college course, and many colleges will accept at least some CLEP credits. These tests are easier for those that are good test takers (honestly though you can get better at anything with practice). Miss Moe needs practice. If, she would like to earn extra money, then she will have the opportunity to study for these tests (we’ll provide all the supplies) and upon passing, she’ll have herself a cool Benjamin (and already passed a college level class).

Her yearly payout:

Quarter 1 $__/$375
Quarter 2 $__/$375
Quarter 3 $__/$375
Quarter 4 $__/$375
Summer $__/$200
Total for the year $___/$1700

Miss Moe will be able to see her payment schedule and how much she can make, this will hopefully create a visual for her that may motivate her to turn in all those assignments! Over four years, if she meets EVERY mark based on her curriculum track, we’ll probably be set back about $8,000+/-. Wow, that sounds like a lot of money. However, if she does meet every mark, she will have probably a year done with college, can possibly take a gap year without getting behind with her classmates, and will likely qualify for a merit scholarship. Either the year of college or a merit scholarship will MORE than make up for this investment (while creating good study habits without nagging). So, if this is her motivating factor – it just may be the best money hack in town.

Wish us luck on this journey,
~Mrs. Moe


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