The Fabulous 40!

Whelp, today I’m 40. And, my focus isn’t those extra lines I’ve seen creeping up on my face, but how grateful I am to have been at this amazing life’s journey for 40 years.  Some of my proudest accomplishments of the past 40:birthday-2377087_1920

  • Married my best friend (over 20 years ago!)
  • Made a super awesome human
  • Traveled to many foreign lands (Europe, Caribbean, Canada, India)
  • Traveled to many domestic lands (driven across the country three times)
  • Served our country in the United States Coast Guard
  • Earned an advanced degree
  • Completed two half marathons (before ultimately admitting to myself that I hate running more than anything else) – scratch this, I’ve now done THREE and I just registered for a 4th. I’m trying to make this happen – it’s such a hard thing for me, but I feel so accomplished when it’s done!
  • Overcame a lot of adversity to become me

As awesome as a ride that this has been, I am also looking forward to what’s left on my bucket list. I plan to revisit this post and cross out items as I accomplish them (and add some too!):

  • Be fluent in Spanish (I can speak like a toddler right now – I’m able to adequately, but not eloquently get my point across). I’ll know I’ve succeeded by traveling to a Spanish speaking country and never flipping to English to be understood.
  • Work part time doing something I love (writing)- not full time doing something I like (a small, but important distinction)
  • Help Miss Moe “launch” into her adult life after high school
  • Finances (pay off all student loans and second mortgage on the rental)
  • Read all books on this list as of 10/23/18 43% complete
  • Do errands on weekdays (it’s the simple things)
  • Visit every National Park Service landmark in the District of Columbia
  • Live in a foreign land for at least one month
  • Sell our house (after Miss Moe’s graduation)
  • Move back to California (likely – variable is where Miss Moe winds up)
  • Execute our plan
  • Grow out my hair to the middle of my back (it’s never been much past my shoulders) – who says women over 40 can’t rock the locks?
  • Own a style… any style (right now I’m a hodgepodge of whatever….)
  • Visit all of our National Parks
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Take a transatlantic cruise
  • Downsize to an apartment – and rent awhile
  • Spend a lot more time with our extended family
  • Volunteer at a theater and attend live shows (this is a passion of ours, but in early quasi-retirement this may get too rich for our blood)
  • Become more involved in causes we believe in
  • Spend a few weeks on the ocean
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway slowly – savoring the ride

As I head into this next phase of life, some philosophies I’m taking with me:

  • Be active, but not busy
  • Keep moving this body of mine
  • Introduce some weight training to keep my body strong – 2018 introduced yoga and I LOVE it
  • Give more (time and energy) to things I care about
  • Let go of things or people that don’t bring me joy
  • Let go of multi-tasking – this will be mega-difficult for me
  • Understanding that just because something is great to do, doesn’t mean it’s right for me (i.e. running) – I’m still trying to be a runner!
  • Follow my own arrow

It’s been a very busy and mostly amazing 40 years! I hope that my next 40 are just as fantastic and healthy as I continue to have my best friend by my side, living my best life.

Happy birthday to me,

~Mrs. Moe

4 thoughts on “The Fabulous 40!

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