Considering Our Exit Criteria

To each his own, and while we know that many people enjoy the 9-5 life (or at least the structure, benefits, and regularity it provides), it just isn’t for us. Though, before we take this giant leap, we have several things to consider, which will be addressed in future blogs:checklist-1622517_1920

  • Miss Moe is priority one. Saving enough for college and providing stability throughout her high school years is non-negotiable. Kids. Are. Expensive.
  • Healthcare – the ACA’s future is a giant question mark in our present political climate. We hope this settles into something favorable for us in the years to come.
  • How much savings will we need as we have an epic adventure and settle back in to part time work? Planning this adventure has become a hobby/passion for Mr. Moe. He’s also way more into IT than I, and functions as the wizard behind the curtain.
  • What will we do for part time work in the future, and how much will we need? So far our requirement is that it be location agnostic (something we can do anywhere).
    • We don’t want to “have” to work, but realistically we know we’ll want to do something we find meaning in. We still don’t know what that *it* may be. We hope to find out what we’d like to do in the coming years.
  • De-cluttering to make our lives as simple and portable as possible.
  • Selling two houses – yep two. A story for another day.

~Mrs. Moe

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