How Much is That Doggy in the Window, Really?

I am going to start with the fact that I love this majestic animal more than most things and people. She’s not very smart, and is pretty sassy to me – I get my fair share of side eye from this creature. She loves Mr. Moe and to a lesser extent Miss Moe more than life itself. I love her in an unrequited way just the same. That being said, we bought her from a pet store (I know, I know) it was a moment of weakness while grieving the loss of our responsibly adopted pound puppy. We made the mistake of walking through a strip-mall over 11 years ago with our 3 year-old, Miss Moe, in tow. Miss Moe tugged Mr. Moe hard and leaned in toward the literal puppy in the window (which really should be against the law). She was so emphatic that she lunged herself in such a way that her body contorted to a 45 degree angle. Had Mr. Moe actually let go, she would have hit pavement – hard. Mr. Moe looked at me and said, “what’s the harm in looking?”  Spoiler alert – there is all the harm in looking. All. The. Harm.

Daisy Mae
We probably have more pictures of Daisy Mae Moe than Miss Moe!

So, how much was that doggie in the window? The one with the waggily tail? She was $1000 (yes, she had a SKU on her collar….). But, we just knew she was ours. We acquiesced to Miss Moe’s pleading and promising to feed and water her daily (which, to her credit, she has done) and pick up the poop (which, to our chagrin, she has rarely done). We walked into the store a family of three, and out a family of four.

Daisy Mae Moe is a con artist – so she may be smarter than I originally alluded to. We picked the one dog that appeared calm and lazy. This picture is her 11  years later – that intense stare is at her Christmas gift being opened for her. I’m still waiting for her to prove that she is a chill animal. In her defense, she HAS protected us from countless dogs (smaller than her), deer, foxes, our mail and delivery folks, babies, elderly couples, and chipmunks. Look at that face though…. resistance is futile.

So….. would we buy Miss Daisy Moe again? I feel that we must always honor the stage of life we are in, and we were put in that strip mall (that we rarely visited) for a reason. Daisy Mae Moe was at the right place, at the right time, and our paths crossed because they were supposed to. So, yes, to do it over again we’d definitely bring Daisy Mae Moe home. However, she’ll be our last dog for quite some time (probably not forever, but definitely a period of years). We’ve already decided if, by some miracle of the doggie longevity gods, she’s still with us when it’s our time to roam the countryside and exercise our big plan, we’ll change up our plans to keep Miss Daisy Mae Moe comfortable until she crosses over the rainbow bridge.

Now that we’ve established that I love Daisy Mae Moe, I want to reiterate what a luxury it is to have her in our lives….. Her expenses are below, and once I calculated them, I was pretty surprised, but still – no regrets!

Sunk costs:

  • $1000 initial “investment” (i.e. window shopping)
  • $500 the “surgery”, vaccinations, and other health checks
  • $200 her kennel (used when she was a puppy), doggie pads, pillows, etc. (she’s spoiled)

Ongoing costs:

  • $480 yearly kibble – because, only the best for this fur ball
  • $250 yearly vet check up, shots and taxes
  • $50 yearly treats and refreshment of toys/balls (and Christmas gifts)
  • $350 puppy sitting when going on vacation. While we have a friend watch her, we usually bring home goodies or treat our friend to an event as a “thank you” for letting Daisy Mae Moe stay in her happy place.

I will assume that Daisy Mae lives to the ripe old age of 14 (which is 3 years past a golden’s average), but I’m optimistic because she is an avid swimmer, and she is sassy. Sassy and active animals (and people) seem to live the longest.

Yearly cost: $1,130 

Lifetime Cost: $17,520+ $2,000 (see below) = $20Kish
(Yearly Cost * 14 + Sunk Cost)

** Updated to include $2,000 for a small surgery to remove a cyst**

Ultimately, whether a pet (really a family member to us) is worth the cost is a very personal decision. This also doesn’t take into account any “old lady” issues she may encounter as the years progress. Is she worth it though? Every penny. However, we aren’t going to re-up this “investment” for quite some time. We’ll just need to wait for the next time our stage of life encourages us to check how much that doggy is in the window (though next time it’ll be a shelter’s window – not a pet store’s).

~Mrs. Moe

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