The Big Plan

Mrs. Moe here – starting my first blog entry. Why Mrs. Moe? Because you only live once, and I intend to Make Once Enough. I’ve been a follower/devourer of lifestyle and personal improvement blogs for years; however, sending my own thoughts and plans into this land of cyberspace is a bit daunting, lays bare some vulnerabilities, and exists just outside my comfort zone. That’s where you grow though, outside your comfort zone. So here I am, not too concerned if anyone will read or not read – concentrating on personal growth.

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty – living in the US allows us freedom to become who we want.

Our present situation: Mr. Moe and I sit in our backyard relaxing between chores on another Sunday mid-morning and the feeling of contentment gives way to tiny bits of dread. Just knowing we’re heading back into the work week and the familiar knot forms deep inside. We didn’t have enough time to tackle the laundry list of to-do’s and I feel guilty indulging in relaxation and the fancifulness of creating a blog instead of tackling the mounting chore-list.

It isn’t that we dislike our jobs. Matter of fact, we both have jobs that we are good at, are compensated well for, and come easily to us – and in this, we know we have great fortune.  We live in a wonderful area, just outside of Washington, D.C. with outstanding schools, a strong economy, and a plethora of free things to do. So, in this, I harbor a small feeling of ungratefulness of all of my good fortune. However, there’s always that nagging feeling of…. Is this it? Do we continue to work day in and out at jobs we don’t particularly love? It feels like we’re on life’s treadmill – autopilot. Leaving only nights, weekends, and the occasional rushed trip home to California (our native state) for life. Is seven days of cramming in every bit of a foreign land while powering through jet-lag worldly enough? Traveling fast allows only time for the bits and pieces that tourists see – the highlight reel. It’s like comparing your everyday life against someone else’s Instagram or Facebook feed. Only to settle back into our offices a week later, to our familiar world of 0s and 1s, completely exhausted.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is definitely a first world problem. I understand that being American allows us the freedom to choose and grow at our leisure. In first world countries the only limit is your imagination and capabilities. I intend to not be wasteful with that great gift.

Adventure Awaits
Adventure awaits just around the corner

So, knowing we only live once, what are we going to do about this growing feeling of coasting through life? After some soul searching, we’ve decided that as soon as our high school freshman heads off to college, or enjoys her gap year, we will embark on our own great adventure. Throwing caution to the wind and giving up our stable positions. We plan to hit the open road and traverse the country to visit as many national parks and slices of Americana as possible. Our final destination (at least for now) is to settle back to California where our family lives (Miss Moe’s college choice will throw some variables in our final destination decision). Then, who knows? We’re going to see what develops in this new world we’re creating for ourselves. We’ll be judged as crazy – but life’s too short to waste time on others thoughts of us. A constant mantra of mine: it’s none of my business what others think of me (sometimes easier said than done).

Life’s greatest fortunes for me are that I found my soulmate and married young (very young by today’s standards), have my health, created our amazing Miss Moe, and am from a country that gives me the freedom to choose my life’s path. Is this a mid-life? I don’t know – we’re pretty young for that. I think it’s more of an epiphany, and the realization that we are given a single chance with a finite number of days – and we intend to squeeze every bit of life out of this life.

While I generally am not a poetry fan, Robert Frost’s work The Road Not Taken has always resonated, its closing will be the closing to my first blog, if you stuck with me this long, thanks for reading:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


You only live once, so make once enough. 

~Mrs. Moe



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